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About SUNY College of Optometry

A half a century ago a group of dedicated optometrists and benefactors came together to create an institution that would support optometric education, vision science research and extend quality vision care to all New Yorkers and the surrounding community. The State University of New York College of Optometry evolved from this mission.

Since we opened our doors to our first class of students in 1971, the College has grown to become one of the leading optometric education and vision research centers in the world. The College houses the University Eye Center—one of the largest outpatient vision care clinics in the country. And the Harold Kohn Vision Science Library—the largest vision science library in the country. 

Our goal is to offer the students and residents who pass through our doors the most innovative, customizable and up-to-date education that they can find anywhere, and we work hard to provide pre-clinical and clinical training that is evidence-based and that anticipates future practice trends.