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College Governance

Governance Chart

David A. Heath, OD, EdM

Guilherme Albieri, PhD
Vice President for Student Affairs

David A. Bowers, MBA, MP
Vice President for Administration and Finance

Karen DeGazon
Assistant to the President

Amber E. Hopkins Tingle, MA
Director of Communications

Liduvina Martinez-Gonzalez, MS
Vice President for Clinical Administration and Executive Director, University Eye Center

Dawn Rigney, MPH
Vice President for Institutional Advancement and Executive Director, Optometric Center of New York

Douglas Schading, MSEd
Assistant Vice President for Human Resources

Steven Schwartz, OD, PhD
Director of Institutional Research and Planning

Richard Soden, OD
Director of Health Care Development

David Troilo, PhD
Dean and Vice President for Academic Affairs

The administration of the College is divided into 6 functional areas:

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