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Academic Affairs

Vice President and Dean for Academic Affairs

The vice president and dean for academic affairs (VPAA) is responsible for planning, implementation and accreditation of all academic functions, faculty activities and faculty development. S/he oversees the planning and implementation of the curriculum in the professional degree and graduate programs, assesses educational effectiveness and oversees faculty assessment, including student evaluation. The VPAA also directs current and long-range planning for research and scholarly activity, residency programs and continuing education.

The VPAA is appointed by the president and chairs the Dean’s Council and the Research Council. S/he is also a member of the President’s Council and the Clinic Council.

David Troilo, PhD
Vice President and Dean for Academic Affairs
Biological and Vision Sciences
Phone: (212) 938-5658
Fax: (212) 938-5699
Email: dtroilo@sunyopt.edu

Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies

The associate dean for research and graduate studies oversees all graduate-level programs leading to MS and PhD degrees conferred through the College. S/he also oversees all non-degree professional student research. The associate dean is responsible for all human and animal research conducted at the College and is the institutional official responsible for compliance with all state and federal regulations regarding human research, animal research and scientific misconduct. S/he is the administrative official and signator coordinating all external research grants and funding. The associate dean plans, submits and manages the institutional research budget allocation and serves as the director of the Schnurmacher Institute for Vision Research (SIVR), which provides research support from the SIVR endowment. S/he reports directly to the VPAA and is a member of the Dean’s Council and the Research Council.

Stewart Bloomfield, PhD
Associate Dean of Graduate Studies and Research
Phone: (212) 938-5541
Email: sbloomfield@sunyopt.edu

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Director of Residency Education

The director of residency education oversees the educational integrity of all SUNY Optometry-based and affiliated residency programs. S/he provides direction and oversight and is involved in residency recruitment, new program establishment and accreditation.  Additionally, the director is responsible for the formal didactic program, which all residency programs participate in. S/he reports directly to the VPAA and is a member of both Clinic Council and Dean’s Council.

Diane Adamczyk, OD
Director of Residency Program
Phone: (212) 938-4117
Email: dadamczyk@sunyopt.edu

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Library Director

The library director reports to the VPAA and is responsible for the development and overall administration of the Harold Kohn Vision Science Library.  In consultation with the Committee on Learning Resources, the Council on Information Technology and the faculty, s/he develops, implements and modifies policies concerning acquisitions and circulation. The director oversees the selection, ordering and/or provision of access to all library materials (books, journals, multimedia and electronic information), plans space and equipment needs, oversees technology resources and collaborates with Information Technology to ensure consistent access to electronic resources. S/he serves on the Dean’s Council, Council on Information Technology and Council on Learning Resources.

Elaine Wells, MA, MLS, AHIP
Director of Library Services
Phone: (212) 938-5691
Email: ewells@sunyopt.edu

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Academic Department Chairs

The academic department chairs are responsible for the supervision of specifically defined divisions of the body of knowledge encompassed within the scope of the College. There are two academic departments: Biological and Vision Sciences and Clinical Education. Chairs are appointed by and report to the VPAA.

The chairs provide leadership in the planning and development of the department and its programs and oversee regular departmental meetings and prioritize departmental needs in coordination with the broader institutional planning process. They facilitate departmental programs and coordinate programs between departments, coordinate teaching of subjects within their department, coordinate coverage of each course and monitor and assess course instructors within their department. Chairs also provide input on hiring, appointment and promotion decisions for members of their departments.

The academic department chairs are responsible for the mentoring and development of faculty in their department, including advising faculty on research and scholarly activities and assisting them in obtaining required institutional and federal (IRB and IACUC) approvals. They authorize travel and other faculty development projects and plans and organize and review assessment of faculty activities, including student evaluations, and provide feedback to the faculty.

The chairs meet with the VPAA at the Dean’s Council, regular departmental chairs meetings and, as necessary, to communicate departmental needs, discuss the assessment and plans for individual faculty and monitor courses and discuss curriculum issues.

Suresh Viswanathan, OD, PhD 
Chair, Biological and Vision Sciences
Phone: (212) 938-5592
Email:  sviswanathan@sunyopt.edu

Richard Madonna
, OD
Chair, Clinical Education
Phone: (212) 938-4060
Fax: (212) 938-5819
Email: rmadonna@sunyopt.edu

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Director of Continuing Professional Education

The director of continuing professional education is responsible for the daily operations and administration of all aspects of the fee-based Office of Continuing Professional Education, including event management. S/he creates and develops continuing education programs based on community needs and licensure requirements. The director must be aware of the changing scope of practice laws and provide programs for updating licenses of practicing optometrists. s/he is a member of the Dean’s Council.

Richard Madonna, OD
Director of Continuing Professional Education
Phone: (212) 938-4060
Email: rmadonna@sunyopt.edu

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Dean’s Council

The Dean’s Council is an advisory committee of the department chairs, directory of library services, director of residency programs, director of continuing professional education, associate dean for graduate programs and research and the associate dean for institutional planning.

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Research Council

The Research Council recommends policy and procedures related to all research activities to promote a vigorous research program at the College. Members recommends initiatives, plans, policies and strategies to the administration, and acts as an internal resource for other researchers. The VPAA chairs the Research Council; the associate dean for graduate programs and research and the grants manager serve ex officio. Members are appointed by the VPAA. These eight faculty members are active researchers who are funded faculty holding external research grants to the extent possible. Faculty will rotate annually on a first-in, first-out basis if more than eight faculty qualify by the funding criterion. At least two slots are filled by clinical researchers.

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