Requirements for completion

Requirements for Completion of the Combined Optometry Residency & Graduate Degree in Vision Science

Completion of Residency program includes fulfilling clinical and didactic requirements in a professional manner, meeting acceptable clinical performance for the program, didactic requirements, as well as those specific requirements listed below. Residents must also meet individual program requirements, as well as terms of employment.

Requirements of Friday Didactic Program

*Minimum attendance

  • 35 hours of Optional Friday Program Lectures (Affiliated Program)
  • 45 hours of Optional Friday Program Lectures (SUNY salaried Program)(Minimum of 25 hours in person attendance Friday Program electives all residents)

Residents involved in the Combined Residency/Graduate Program, Flaum Institute and Womack may receive approved credit from comparable programs offered either in the graduate program or local to Womack and Flaum Institute.

*Core Curriculum Requirements of Friday Didactic Program. Mandatory Attendance to:

  • Public Speaking Workshop
  • Writer’s Workshop I (Evidence Based Principles & Poster Writing)
  • Writer’s Workshop II (Writing a Paper)
  • Writer’s Workshop III (Editorial Review of Resident Paper)
  • Practice Management Workshop

*Summer Friday Programs required for SUNY salaried residents

  • Minor Presentation (20 minutes)
  • Minimum attendance 9 minor presentations (may include own)
  • Major Presentation (50 minute equivalent 1 hour COPE approve lecture)
  • Minimum attendance for Major Presentation is 16 presentations (including their own)
  • Publishable quality paper (with Supervisor signature of approval and Editorial Reviewer’s approval)
  • Submission of supervisor evaluations to Director of Residency Education
  • Maintenance of patient logs, activity log, and faculty evaluations (to Supervisor)
  • Meeting professional and clinical responsibilities
  • Meet advanced competencies as delineated by individual program
  • Fulfillment of terms of employment
  • Any program specific requirements, attendance, and satisfactory clinical and professional achievements

Updated 7-20-23