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Individualized Services

Providing individualized services is a cornerstone of the Career Development Center. Please call 212-938-5505 or email qnguyen@sunyopt.edu to schedule a time for any of the individual career services listed:

Individual Career Counseling

Individual career counseling is an opportunity to assess and develop your career goals, values, strengths and opportunities for improvement. Individuals will leave sessions with concrete action items and a clear strategy to meet goals and objectives. It is never too late or early to start planning your career.

Curriculum Vitae & Resume Writing

Developing a professional curriculum vitae (CV) and resume is vital to marketing yourself in today’s market. Whether you are a first year student looking for a summer job or an alumnus seeking a new opportunity, the Career Development Center is here to help you draft a CV & resume if you have not written one or refine an already existing CV and resume.

Cover Letter Writing

Communicating your desire and competitiveness for a position is accomplished via the cover letter. The cover letter is often the first opportunity to demonstrate your writing and communication skills and the first glimpse an employer has to your personality. Writing a persuasive cover letter may mean the difference between getting an interview or not. Let the Career Development Center help you create the best cover letter for any career opportunity.

Letter of Intent Writing

For students seeking residency positions, the letter of intent is an important piece of the residency application. The Career Development Center will help you with the structure, tone and content of your letter so that you highlight the key components that make you a strong candidate.


The course of one’s career is often influenced by those they know, so creating a network and networking are two important facets of career development. The Career Development Center is here to help you maximize your network whether it is through social media or in-person meetings by providing tips and strategies.

Mock Interviews

From the handshake to your body language to eye contact, the interview is made up of many parts and mastering each is crucial. The Career Development Center conducts mock interviews to help you practice and prepare before your big interview.