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Our Vision for Children is a bold effort to create a pediatrics unit unlike any other in the country and we have renewed energy and purpose thanks to a $1.5M grant from the State of New York for our new Center for Pediatric Eye Care. Our campaign seeks an additional $1M in private funding to purchase new equipment, cutting edge diagnostic technology, and modern furnishings to make this service a welcoming environment for our youngest patients and their families.

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We appreciate the generosity of the Our Vision for Children donors.*

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph N. Aimi
Mr. Christian Alberto
Ms. Denise D. Alexopoulos
Ms. Linda Amster
Mrs. Erin Angarola
Dr. Benjamin Backus and Dr. Carl Schaper
Rose M. Badgeley Residuary Charitable Trust
Mr. D. Fredrick Baker
Sherry J. Bass, OD 1980
Edward Berger, OD
Mr. David A. Bowers
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Brogan
Ms. Jennifer Campbell
Mr. Wayne Chen
Ms. Diana P. Ludlam and Dr. Ken Ciuffreda
Robert Deluccia, OD 1982
Nick Despotidis, OD 1986
Ms. Fjoralda Dhrimaj
Dr. and Mrs. David P. Dozack
Ms. Hillary Ewing
Mr. Richard Feinbloom
Robert S. Fox, OD, 1985
Mr. and Mrs. Gary B. Freidman
Mr. Brady R. Galan
Manisha B. Geiger, OD, 1996
Ms. Jan M. Gennet
The Gordon and Llura Gund Foundation
Ms. Marsha H. Hartstein
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Jankolovits
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Kahn
Evan Kaplan, OD 1990
Neera Kapoor, OD 1994
Anupam Laul, OD
Ms. Pamela Lederman
Charissa K. Lee, OD 2002
Ms. Nadine G. Lee, CPA
Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Lemor
Mrs. Margaret Lewis
Jenelle Mallios, OD
Jill Ann Marcus, OD 1998
Ms. Aimee McBain
Ms. Marghretta McBean
Ms. Carly McKeeman
Lee Miller, Esq.
Mr. William J. Moran
Michael Mortimer, OD
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Newman
Mr. and Mrs. Edward O’Connell
Eric Orava, OD 1986
Ms. Clementine Perez
Kimberly Poirier, OD 2014
Ms. Wendy Ravitz
Ms. Barbara S. Rosenthal
Mr. and Mrs. Philip R. Rotner
Theresa J. Ruggiero, OD 1987
Ms. Barbara Saltzman
The Barbara Saltzman Charitable Foundation
Mr. Dave Sattler
Erica L. Schulman, OD 2010
Elsa Sheerer, OD 2015
Mr. Mort Sheinman
Ms. Jessica Sosa
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Spear
State of New York ($1M Grant)
Ms. Nicole M. Totans
Mr. Peter Volandes
Ms. Lois Wagner
Ann Warwick
Jonathan Wasserstein, OD 1998
The Hyde and Watson Foundation
Ms. Sally Weiner
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Werner
Ms. Colleen Westbrook
Mr. Harold Wilshinsky
Ms. Mary Jo Zandy

*as of October 6, 2017

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