Infobase Learning Cloud

SUNY Optometry has selected Infobase Learning Cloud (formally Hoonuit/Atomic Learning) as an online self-service training resource for faculty, staff and students.

What is Infobase?

The Infobase Learning Cloud is an on-demand teaching and learning platform offering professional development, training, and information literacy solutions for academic institutions.

Students, faculty, and staff benefit from self-paced, customizable modules; comprehensive video educational content; and secure digital tools specifically tailored for your institution
in a proven Learn It, Prove It methodology. Learners have the option to put what they learn into an effective self-guided assessment for each module or concept. Infobase Learning
Cloud offers the content, tools, and training all members of the campus community need to advance in class, at work, and in their lives.

Infobase Learning Cloud contains more than 80,000 microlearning videos and hundreds of professionally developed courses designed to help you master new skills, practice concepts, share ideas, and assess learning.


Topics include:

          • Technology Training
          • Career Skills
          • Information Literacy
          • Soft Skills
          • Time Management
          • Communication
          • Leadership Skills


Getting started

Logging into Infobase Learning Cloud

You can log into Infobase Learning Cloud using your network account username and password:

We hope you take advantage of this powerful resource, whether you use Infobase Learning Cloud for professional development, a valuable curriculum supplement, an anytime/anywhere software training resource or as a helpdesk resource.

If you have any questions about InfoBase, please contact the ITS Helpdesk.

Phone: (212) 938-5730