Digital Cameras

Media Services has a digital camera that may be lent out to individuals who have made advanced reservations with Media Services staff.  In most cases it is not necessary to lend out the camera overnight, however, it is possible to take out the camera for up to 24 hours if a secure location can be verified for overnight storage.

As with other Media Services equipment requests, please notify the Media Services Manager by email if you want to check out a camera. A confirmation email will be sent back to you once the reservation has been confirmed.

Please note that the Media Services staff maintains priority use of the digital cameras and in emergency situations reserve’s the right to cancel your reservation and reschedule it for a later time.

A 15-minute training session must be scheduled for first-time users immediately prior to picking up the camera.

Video Cameras

Faculty or staff who want to request the use of our portable video camera may contact the Media Services Manager by email at least 1 week prior to their reservation date. Media Services will not provide video tapes to requestors; please be sure to make arrangements for video tapes through your department prior to the date you wish to tape.

A 15 minute training session must be scheduled for first-time users immediately prior to picking up the camera.

Video cameras cannot be held overnight and must be returned before the end of the business day they have been taken out. For special cases that require off-campus use, the camera must have an off-campus equipment release form signed by the Media Services Manager.

Special Case Basis for Lending Students Video Cameras

Under special circumstances, and with prior written permission, video cameras may be used by students in support of class projects. [Media Services must pre-approve any requests for class usage of a video camera through the instructor only.] If approval is granted, the instructor must provide a list of the students planning to borrow a video camera well in advance of the time they wish to shoot. This will give staff ample time to charge the battery and will eliminate the need for students to have an authorization form signed each time they come to pick up the equipment. Requests for class usage of a video camera must be submitted with written justification to Media Services by the instructor with an authorization form signed by their Departmental Chair; approval cannot be guaranteed.

Students are not permitted to leave the building with any Media Services equipment and must return video cameras by the end of the day. (They cannot have the equipment over-night in their lockers, etc.) Media Services is not able to assist students with editing or tape duplication. Students must provide their own video tapes. Students will be briefly trained with the video camera when they pick up the equipment.

Desktop projectors may be used in class for an approved class project through Media Services. The instructor must request a reservation for student use of the desktop projector 2 weeks in advance of the expected class. Students will not be permitted to use their own laptop computers with the video projectors provided. Additionally, a 10 minute review of the desktop projectors will be given in class by a member of Media Services prior to student use. This will ensure that students are familiar with the equipment before they are required to present their projects.

Media Services is not able to assist in the creation of Powerpoint presentations or in the scanning of images for student presentations.