Photography Services


Please consider the following when requesting jobs:

Outside Costs

Sometimes jobs arise that need outside processing. All attempts are made to complete jobs inhouse, however, external photography costs may occur and can be quite expensive. In cases where costs are above and beyond the limits of the Media Center budget, individual Departmental Chairs will be notified of anticipated costs that will need to be funded by the requestor’s department. (see Criteria for Media Center requests, Outside Processing Needs).

Location and Studio Photography

When requesting photography services, please consider the following factors:

  • How many photographs do you anticipate needing? Does your budget allow for outside costs if necessary? What is your turn around time?What is the final destination for your images (web, outside publication)?
  • Are there existing images available that may be used to supplement your project?

Large photography projects require a preliminary meeting with the Media Center staff and all individuals involved in the final editing process. Large projects can take weeks to complete, especially when overlapping with the photographer’s other responsibilities. Faculty and staff requesting work are responsible for having subjects contact the photographer. Please allow 1 hour for each location shoot.

Clinical Photography

Photos of patients with noteworthy conditions will be made immediately upon telephone request if the photographer is available. If the photographer is not available and the patient is scheduled for a repeat visit, an effort to take the photo at that time will be made. A digital camera also is available for use by the clinician requesting work. (see Digital and Video Camera Loaner Policies.)

Digital Imaging

Faculty and staff may request assistance in any aspect of digital imaging: scanning, emailing, manipulating and outputting images. The media center is currently upgrading its equipment so please allow for limited memory and color management capabilities at this time. Images for the web require special considerations; please refer to our separate tipsheet for more information. For cross-platforming and transferring between programs, consult the Media Center.

Copyright Policy

At this time, the Media Center will take slides of images in a book only if proof of copyright permission can be demonstrated. The Media Center will not make slide duplications of images without prior permission from the copyright holder to do so. The Media Center will continue to make slide duplicates of any work that is the property (copyright) of the requestor.

For Publication

If your work is being considered for publication, please provide the name of the publisher and graphic designer to the Media Center or be sure to obtain image requirements from them. This will help us in determining the best method of reproduction for your article.


(Slides and original artwork)
Scans can be made from slides and flat artwork at various resolutions, depending on final output.

Slide Dupes

(Copies from slides)
In incidents where the copyright of the original slide is held by the requestor, multiple copies can be created. If you anticipate needing more than 1 from your own original, please request additional copies at that time. Slide dupes can sometimes be difficult to match exactly, so it is best to have all copies made at the same time.


Prints and slides can be made from MRIs. Prints are hand made, and slides are sent out-of-house, so please allow extra time for this service.

Copystand Work

Slides can be made from original artwork or images from books where copyright permission has been obtained. Do not cut out images by hand. Present artwork in good condition. Please note at the time of submission if multiple copies need to be made.