Poll Everywhere Student Response System

Poll Everywhere is a student response system (SRS), also known as a audience response system that allows the polling or surveying of students in or outside the classroom, synchronously or asynchronously. Students can answer questions to polls or surveys with common devices like mobile phones, tablets, or laptops.  Poll Everywhere enables instructors to quickly assess students’ comprehension of course content, improve student participation and trigger class discussion with student responses. Students benefit by engaging in active learning, promoting critical thinking and providing real-time, immediate feedback of responses and displaying the results in graphical form to the entire class.  In addition, students respond to your polls online or via SMS texting. No clickers are required.

Works in your favorite presentation software

Poll Everywhere integrates seamlessly with PowerPoint, Keynote, and Google Slides.  Wherever you create presentations, Poll Everywhere creates two-way conversations with your workforce, class, or live audience.

Poll Everywhere Resources