October 21, 2020

October 9, 2020

SPECtrum at SUNY Optometry Leads Efforts to Cultivate an LGBT-friendly Campus and Clinic

SUNY SPECtrum Board Meeting

New York, NY—October is LGBT History Month!  SUNY College of Optometry’s SPECtrum celebrates their contribution to the cause as the nation’s first LGBT student-run club housed at an independent college of optometry. Established in 2016 by alumnus Dr. Brandon Harnos ’19 and faculty advisor Dr. Michael McGovern ’97, SPECtrum offers a safe space and resources for LGBT members and seeks to educate the College community around the full spectrum of human gender and sexuality.

This month, SPECtrum is introducing new ways to cultivate a welcoming setting on campus and in the clinic for people of all sexual orientations, gender identities, and gender expressions. Their efforts include facilitating the placement of Pride flags in patient waiting rooms of the University Eye Center and throughout the College facility to promote an open and safe atmosphere for all visitors. The group is also offering Pride flag pins to SUNY Optometry students, faculty, and staff to be worn as a sign of LGBT support and solidarity.

“Effective healthcare involves approaching people with an open heart and making sure that they feel comfortable and accepted,” said SPECtrum President and second-year student, Rebecca Chan Min. “We have an opportunity to create an accepting and inclusive environment for LGBT providers and patients.”

To enhance the patient experience for LGBT people, SPECtrum members are working closely with SUNY Optometry clinic chiefs to customize patient intake forms to make them more inclusive of diverse population needs and situations. Modifications would include the addition of fields or prompts that address the issues of gender, such as preferred names and pronouns. “It will help patients to become more engaged and trusting in their care from the start,” explains Chan Min.

In addition, SPECtrum plans to facilitate workshops and discussions for students and staff on LGBT issues to increase awareness, confront biases, and help eliminate disparities in healthcare.

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Organization Contact: Adrienne Stoller, or, 212-938-5600


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