Factbook is a compendium of key indicators employed by the College to monitor the effectiveness of its programs.

Admissions and Enrollment (OD Program)

Applications, Admissions and Enrollment by Year
NYS Applications, Admissions and Enrollment by Year
Entering GPA and Science GPA
Entering GPAs by School per Year
Entering OAT Total Science by School per Year
Geographical Distribution of Entering Students
Under-Represented Minorities
Yield by School per Year
First-Year Enrollment by Ethnic-Racial Category
Historic Enrollment

Admissions and Enrollment (Graduate Program)

Applicants, Acceptances and Enrolled (OD-MS Program)
Applications, Acceptances and Enrolled (PhD Program)
First-Year and Total OD-MS Enrollment by Year
First-Year and Total PhD Enrollment by Year

Admissions and Enrollment (Residency Program)

Programs, Applications, and Positions Filled (Residency)


Degrees Awarded
Demographics of Entering and Graduating OD Classes
Percentage of Entering Students who Graduate (OD Program)
Residency Certificates Awarded

Diversity and Inclusion (DIMP 2.0)

Percentage of students from underrepresented minoritized (URM) backgrounds enrolled
Percentage of faculty from underrepresented minoritized (URM) backgrounds employed at the College
Percentage of URM students enrolled in all years of study
Three-year average of URM enrolled in all years of study

Student Services

CSTEP Program

Student Success (OD program)

Part 1: Applied Basic Science
Part 2: Patient Assessment and Management
Part 3: Clinical Skills
NBEO All Parts

Graduate Program Student Outcomes

Primary Employment of PhD Alumni
Primary Employment of OD-MS Alumni
Primary Positions of PhD Alumni
Primary Positions of OD-MS Alumni
Teaching and Work Efforts of PhD Alumni
Teaching and Work Efforts of OD-MS Alumni

Student Expenses and Financial Aid

First-Year Direct Expenses for In-State Students
Total Costs for In-State Students
Total Costs for Out-of-State Students
Percent of Students Receiving Aid per Year
Indebtedness by School per Year
Average Indebtedness


Grant Activity
Number of Grants
Research and Publications


Library Expenditures by Year
Utilization of Electronic Resources


Faculty Demographics
Headcount by Department and Service
Professional and Graduate Degrees
Faculty Employment Status
FTE by Department

Administration and Finance

Annual Operating Budget
Revenues by Source
Revenues by Year
Fund Balance
Capital Projects

Institutional Advancement

Fundraising by Year
Alumni Giving

Patient Care

Univerity Eye Center
Satellite Clinics
Charitable Care
Patient Residency
Referral Visits
Total Revenues by Year
Total Patient Encounters by Year
Encounters by Service