The Institutional Research and Planning Committee will provide support and counsel to the President and the Director of Institutional Research and Planning on assessment design, implementation and analysis relative to the College’s strategic priorities. The Committee will also assist in the development of institutional budgets and the allocation of resources in alignment with the College’s Strategic Plan.

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Specific Responsibilities of the Committee:

  • Assist in the design of an institutional assessment program linked to the College’s Strategic Plan
  • Review institutional outcomes data and advise the administration on action steps to achieve the College’s strategic goals
  • Recommend methods for communicating the results of institutional research and outcomes assessment to the broader College community
  • Actively consult with the College administration on budget preparation and the allocation of resources in support of the College’s strategic priorities


The Committee is broadly representative, consisting of 8 members in addition to the director of institutional research and planning and coordinator of institutional research. Members have an active interest in and dedication to the concept of institutional assessment and planning. All nominations are subject to review and appointment by the president, and appointments are for 1-year terms (renewable). The Committee is staffed and chaired by the director of institutional research and planning. It is constituted of

  • 1 student member nominated by Student Council (the student must be in good academic standing).
  • 3 members of the college’s staff as appointed by the president.


The Committee is advisory in nature and will make recommendations on a consensus basis.

Committee Members 2023-2024

Dr. Suresh Viswanathan (Chair)

Dr. Steven Schwartz (BioMed/VisSci)

Mr. Marcel Catafago (Staff)

Dr. S. Zuckerman (Clin. Ed)

Dr. Diane Calderon (UEC)

Dr. Richard Soden (Staff)

Dr. Michael McGovern (Clin Cncl)

Dr. Stewart Bloomfield (Res Cncl)

Dr. Christian Alberto (Staff)

Ms. Laura Medina “24

Dr. Joan Portello (FEC Presiding Officer Ex-Officio)