August 8, 2019

National Optometric Student Association Recognized SUNY Optometry For Work To Increase Diversity In The Field Of Optometry 

SUNY Optometry Student Awarded Cave Memorial Award For Outstanding Dedication To Community Involvement

Raymond Farmer, Tanya Carter, Frank Barnes, Frank Barnes
Raymond Farmer ’21, Dr. Tanya Carter ’87, Rhea Magee, ’21, Dr. Frank Barnes ’86

New York, NY – In recognition of the school’s ongoing work to diversify the field of optometry and improve eye health in under-served communities, the SUNY Optometry chapter of the National Optometric Student Association (NOSA) won the School of the Year award at the National Optometric Association’s (NOA) annual convention, the first time in the college’s history. SUNY Optometry was recognized for their Black History Month Inspiration Wall created by the College’s NOSA executive board: Monique Mohammed ’20, Ray Farmer ’21, Mariah Marshall ’21, Stephen Dellostritto ’21, and Shaimaa Shwket ’20.

“These awards demonstrate SUNY Optometry’s ongoing commitment to diversity in optometry and to caring for historically underserved communities, and we congratulate the school’s NOSA chapter for their tireless efforts to achieve this mission,” said Dr. David Heath, President of SUNY Optometry. “We are exceptionally proud of the work of our students, and especially congratulate Monique Mohammed for helping to expand access and awareness for underrepresented and often unrecognized doctors in our field.”

At the yearly National Optometric Association convention held from July 10 to 14, each chapter of NOSA presented one major project that was completed during the year. SUNY Optometry students presented the Inspiration Wall, which was installed in the College’s Student Center for the duration of the 2019 Black History Month. The project featured individual biographies of more than 20 doctors of optometry, emphasizing their accomplishments.

Monique Mohammed, the current National NOSA Corresponding Secretary and former President of the SUNY Optometry chapter of NOSA, won the Cave Memorial Award for her exemplary devotion to increasing recognition of the work of minority doctors and to improving access to the field of optometry for underrepresented communities.

NOSA was founded in 1979 to support diversity in the field of optometry among institutions of higher education, working in tandem with the National Optometric Association’s mission to improve eye health and access to care in minority communities. SUNY Optometry’s student members are among the 1,000 students around the country who work to improve the profession by supporting the success of compassionate students who are eager to help underserved communities.


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