Name: Marlin John 2022 Student Visionary Spotlight

Class Year: 2022

List the award(s) / scholarship(s) you have received
Dr. William Feinbloom Memorial Award

What does receiving this award or scholarship mean to you?
Receiving this award highlights the appreciation for rehabilitation I've carried through Optometry school. The value and impact of low vision is indescribable. It represents the growth of a clinician who slowly but surely learned the intricacies involved in low vision, and how to carry that knowledge into their future goals.

What are your plans following graduation?
I will be going to VA, Northport. My time in externships has given me a love and appreciation for the hospital realm of Optometry. I'm thankful for the opportunity to continue, and one day work in a similar setting. Working in vision rehabilitation, especially in low vision, has been one of the forefronts of my goals post-residency.