SUNY Optometry Lifesaver Program

University Police staff will provide training on the lifesaving skills of CPR and the use of Automated External Defibrillators (AED) to all employees interested in receiving this training. Trainees will receive a CPR certification that is valid for a period of 2 years. Trainees will become members of the College’s Lifesaver Volunteer Team that is authorized to provide assistance to victims of sudden cardiac arrest within the building.

To register to become a volunteer and be trained in CPR, download and fill out the following form:

SUNY Optometry CPR Certification Volunteer Registration Form

Members of the University Police Department, facilities, management services and housekeeping making their donations to the SUNY’s Got Your Back campaign


College-wide AED Locations: All AED units are located inside a wall cabinet, equipped with both visual and audio notification system, whenever unit is deployed.


Exact Location


B Schwartz Theater Pass Elevator Lobby RK
Lower Lobby by South entrance next to LL101 RK
1st University Police Office – 43rd entrance RK & PP
2nd Lecture Room 206 Foyer RK
3rd Passenger Elevator Lobby RK
3M Fitness Center by Stair A RK
4th Library Passenger Elevator lobby RK
5th Reception Area across from Elevators RK & PP
6th Reception Area by Electric Closet RK & PP
7th Reception Area next to South Windows RK & PP
8th Reception Area across from Reception Desk RK & PP
9th Passenger Elevator Lobby by HR Info Table RK
10th Passenger Elevator Lobby RK & PP
11th Passenger Elevator Lobby RK
12th Reception Area across from Stair A RK
15th Passenger Elevator Lobby RK
16th Passenger Elevator Lobby RK
18th Café Area next to Windows RK