The Payroll Office is responsible for the timely and accurate payment of all University State employees including Professional and Classified staff and faculty, Graduate Assistants, Student Assistants and College Work Study students.  The Payroll Office processes all salary transactions, stipends, bonuses, extra service, pre-shift briefing, salary withholdings (5-day deferred pay) overtime, overtime meals, intermittent inconvenience pay, vacation lump sum payments, lost time.

Payroll also handles tax withholding, direct deposit, SEFA deductions, NYS College Savings Program deductions, ERS loan repayment deductions, W2 issues, tax treaty benefits and processing all leave accrual and usage for University State employees.


Payday is every other Wednesday. College employees are paid on a 2-week lag basis: a 2-week delay between the time the work is performed and when the salary for that work is received. Under the lag payroll system, new employees must wait approximately 4 weeks to receive their first full paycheck. The first paycheck will cover up to the first 2 weeks of employment, depending upon the number of days worked within the pay period. Subsequent paychecks will be for the entire 2-week pay period.


Paychecks and direct deposit stubs are distributed by the Purchasing Department located in room #939.  Employees are encouraged to avail themselves of the direct deposit program.  Employees on leave, out of town on business, on clinical sites, etc. should make arrangements for the disposition of their paycheck/direct deposit stub.

Steps for Accessing Your Pay Stub Information On-line
  1. Log on to the secure SUNY employee portal.
  2. Hit the sign on button
  3. Enter Optometry for your campus, from the drop-down menu, then your FirstClass email system  user ID (usually firstinitiallastname), then the password for your email account.  If you check the remember me box, the computer will only retain the campus and user ID – not your password, so it is safe to hit that box, if this is a computer dedicated to you.
  4. After hitting the log on button, you will see various tabs.  Hit the one that says Business Systems Applications.
  5. From the list, hit the Human Resource Systems hyperlink.
  6. In the box entitled self-service, there are three options: a) time and attendance, b) view paycheck, and c) update address.
  7. The first time you use the system, you will be asked to verify your identity by typing your name, your SUNY ID (this is not your NYS ID reflected on your pay stubs) and your birthdate.  You can get your SUNY ID by calling Marcel Catafago at ext 5670.
  8. The system will default to the time and attendance module.  At this time, Optometry does not have that option available, so hit the home menu and then you will be able to hit the view paychecks or update address.
  9. Update address requires approval of the Human Resource office and also might require other actions (i.e. notifying retirement and insurance entities.)
  10. The system has paycheck stub information going back two years.
Time and Attendance Sheets

Time and attendance records are due in the Payroll Office in a timely manner.  For employees in the classified bargaining units, wherein overtime and lost time are factors to consider, this means that the biweekly time sheets are due within 3 business days of the end of the pay period.  For employees who submit monthly time sheets, those are due within the first 10 calendar days of the month.

College Work Study Payroll

College Work Study students are paid on a biweekly basis.  Each pay period starts on a Thursday and ends on a Wednesday the following week.  The proper supervisor must sign time sheets.  Please send time sheets directly to the Student Affairs Office room #1131 by noon on the Thursday after the pay period ends. Work Study checks can be picked up in the Bursar’s Office.

Students are required to show their college ID card in order to receive their checks.