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Clinical Vision Research Center

Innovative Research Systems for Advanced Patient Care

Our Goal: To become leaders in innovative, responsive clinical and translational vision research.

The Graduate Center for Vision Research of the SUNY College of Optometry created the Clinical Vision Research Center (CVRC) to facilitate investigator and industry initiated clinical research. The CVRC provides a dynamic patient-based research environment where advanced treatments can be rapidly tested and applied to enhance patient care.

The CVRC is centrally located in Midtown Manhattan, a transportation hub for all five NYC boroughs. Its position in the most populous city in the country provides unparalleled access to research participants from a variety of racial and ethnic backgrounds, ranging in age from infancy to the elderly. The CVRC staffs a full time clinical research team and clinical researchers with access to dedicated research resources and state-of-the-art equipment.

Backed by an internationally recognized basic science vision research group, the CVRC provides a translational and clinical research team, which will work with government, foundations, and industry to educate, innovate and implement eye care locally and globally.

Patient Base

The University Eye Center, our patient care facility, provides more than 75,000 patient visits annually and attracts people from New York City and the surrounding areas. Our electronic medical record system allows access to demographic and medical information, facilitating the selection and recruitment of patients for clinical research. Our research database gives patients the option to be contacted for participation in future research.

Research Team

The CVRC core research team is comprised of trained and licensed clinician researchers and clinical research support staff. The CVRC works closely with University Eye Center (UEC), the patient-care clinic of the SUNY College of Optometry. The UEC boasts an interdisciplinary team of over 80 licensed optometrists and ophthalmologists, as well as nurses, social workers, psychologists and healthcare aides. In addition to our current faculty actively involved in clinical and translational research, the CVRC can bring in additional licensed clinicians or basic science researchers and support staff with topical expertise.

Research Areas